The Introducing Broker (IB) Platform Is a Smart Investment

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Have you already been making money in the foreign exchange market by trading constantly fluctuating currencies? Innovative brokerage service companies like Go Markets offer their clients and individuals an incentive to spread the word about investing in the foreign exchange market. With their new Introducing Broker (IB) platform, Go Markets and brokerage services across the Internet have begun to incentivize individuals and corporate clients to refer more prospective traders their way. In return, the introducing broker has the ability to collect commission. The compensation can be based on your referral’s trading volume or funded accounts. The secret is out. There is no longer any reason to keep it to yourself. There is money to be made in the foreign exchange market, and investing in the world’s currencies is a good way to diversify risk in a well-balanced portfolio. It is time to spread the word and tell your friends or family about this relatively new and exciting investment opportunity.

Making Money in Forex

When buying and selling currency, there is no physical exchange of goods, much like purchasing shares in a company. Instead, the purchase is entered and stored in your account. When a client decides it’s time to sell their shares in a company, or in this case, to sell their currency, the transaction is entered into the market at the current market rate. Making money in the foreign exchange market happens with either an appreciation of the quote currency or a decrease in value of the base currency, or in fact vice versa depending on the trade direction. The base currency (or the first currency in the pair) can be seen as the short position, as you are selling it to purchase the quote currency. The potential investor would look to close the trade out when it appreciates relative to the base currency. This example refers to a Buy trade, and so the opposite would be true of a Sell trade.

Introducing Broker Platform

With a simple referral, introducing brokers will be able to take advantage of a dedicated and experienced multi-lingual support team that provides service tailored to accommodate their commercial requirements. Introducing brokers will also be paid as their referrals continue to trade. Introducers also receive 24/7 access to their agent account and online statements, meaning tracking your trading history has never been easier.
You can earn incentives and help people learn the nuances of making money in the foreign exchange market by referring them to your brokerage service. Companies like Go Markets take pride in offering competitive rebates while making the process of opening an account quick and easy. Upon referral, introducing brokers will also receive a personalized referral link to help properly identify the clients you have helped bring aboard.
The Introducing Broker (IB) platform is an innovative rewards program that incentivizes current traders to spread the word about making money through investing in the foreign exchange market. In return, they can help make you money as they trade, through competitive rebates paid directly into your agent account. The time is now to spread the word to your friends and family about new and exciting investment opportunities in foreign exchange. 


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